HXKS-130 high speed paper bowl sealing machine

HXKS-130 high speed paper bowl machine every minute 100-130 pieces, can make single PE and double PE paper bowl (cold and hot drinks) , bowl body welding using ultrasonic, is a new type of paper bowl machine, multi-line automatic paper feed, paper anti-roll device (ensure correct position) , Ultrasonic welding, oil filling, mechanical arm, paper tube, stamping bottom, folding bottom, preheating, Knurling, curling, dropping cup. The machine can make bowls of various sizes by changing the molds. This model was invented by our team and has been extensively improved through technology.

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The integral leaf holding manipulator turns the barrel and connects the cup, gear drive, open index box, bottom leister heating, integral spray oil injection system, integral frame design.

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Paper bowl specifications 12- 24oz
Production speed 100- 130pcs/min(PLA/single  and  double walled  PE)
Machine net weight 5500KG
Power source 380V
Work rate 21KW
Air consumption 0.4m3/min
Paper specifications 150-300gsm
Appearance size L2645mm*W2025mm*H1600mm / L2795mm*W2025mm*H1600mm

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