FTPCM Extra large barrel forming machine

FTPCM extra large barrel forming machine is a fully automatic forming machine used to produce single coated large paper barrels. It uses air-suction type feeding bowl ring bending forming, bonding, bottom, knurling, curling and other forming functions, accurate positioning and speed Fast, photoelectric detection, production of shaped paper barrels are smooth and clean, reliable in adhesion, good quality, and can be used to produce large-capacity paper containers such as soup bowls, instant noodle bowls and KFC.

Products Details

1. This instruction manual will be sent with the machine to guide the work of the installation process, adjust the machine, produce, avoid or solve problems faced by the buyer. 2. Trial run and training of the machine: A.we will make a complete adjustment to the machine one week before delivery to ensure that the machine achieves the desired performance. B.we provide the buyer with free training in our factory. The training will not stop until the buyer controls the whole course! The travel expenses shall be borne by the buyer (on-site installation instruction, auxiliary debugging, daily maintenance, maintenance personnel training) . 3. We provide one-year free supplies accessories, freight borne by the buyer, free warranty for one year.
Paper barrel specifications 60-200 ounces
Paper barrel diameter 125-250mm max 250mm
Bottom diameter of paper drum 100-180mm max 180mm
Paper drum height 100-250mm max 250mm
Paper barrels  250-380g
Production capacity 20-30 pcs/min
Main motor 2.8kw
Auxiliary motor 2.2kw
Product power plus 8kw
Product power supply 380V 50Hz or 220V 50Hz
Product weight 4000kg
Machine size 3950-1900-2100mm
Packing size 1000-2100-2300mm
1. We guarantee any defects in design and workmanship within one year from the date of shipment. 2. The whole machine can be repaired free of charge within one year if there is any problem (not including any damage caused by abuse, improper operation, neglect and other reasons beyond our responsibility) .

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